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"In medicine it is understood that what we are trying to do is mimicking nature,the perfection of which cannot possibly be matched by the human mind."
- Marianne Williamson


My contribution to humanity

First and for most, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my creator, who granted me the wisdom and courage to walk away from the curse of the allopathic cancer treatment which offers only 3 % survival rate (please see blog below on the survival rate). After many hours of research, I realized that I would rather live a full life with the capacity to enjoy my remaining days with my family and friends and not to be tortured by the medical assault on every cell of my body.  A process that is designed to destroy the human body from inside out to stop the spread of cancer. After deciding NOT to use the allopathic approach, I started to look for natural resources to heal my body. Fortunately, I discovered that humans are the best of God’s creation, without any genetic mistakes which cause the normal cells to mutate into cancerous cells according to my Oncologist.  We were created by divine design to be the best of all the creatures on earth and all of our sustenance were also designed to be available from earth’s bounty to sustain our life and health here on earth.

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- Cancer Coach

Cancer Coach Core Values

Trust in God and
the power of nature

Lead by example for
healing my cancer first,
then sharing my success with

Bring hope to millions
of people suffering
from chronic diseases

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